Professor Margaret Stack


Professor Margaret Stack’s research interests are focused on the interactions of solid particle erosion and wear of materials in corrosive environments, with specific emphasis on the development of mapping techniques for understanding the mechanisms of materials loss. These include oil & gas, bio-medical and marine renewable fields. Prof. Stack heads up the Tribology Research Group in the University of Strathclyde.

Professor Roger Lewis


Professor Lewis’ research interests are split into three areas: solving industrial wear problems; application and development of a novel ultrasonic technique for machine element contact analysis and design of engineering components and machines. The research themes are wide ranging, but the main focus is on Railway Engineering and Human Interaction

Dr Daniele Dini


Dr. Dini’s research interests lie in the application of advanced modelling strategies to tribology and structural integrity. His current research focus is three-fold: (i) research on fundamental and theoretical aspects of molecular dynamics, fluid and solid mechanics, and biomechanics, (ii) development of numerical tools and software for the solution of advanced tribological, biomechanical and structural problems, and (iii) development of multi-physics solvers and multi-scale coupling strategies.  Given the multidisciplinary nature of his research, both fundamental and applied in character, he supervises research which encompasses a broad number of different technical disciplines. For instance, he has recently published in the areas of tribology, chemical physics, soft matter physics, fatigue and fracture, fundamentals of solid mechanics, and biomechanics. He has published over 100 papers in international journals and presented a number of invited talks and contributions at conferences on these subjects since 2002.